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Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar Car Battery Charger | How To Keep Your Car Battery Charged At All Times Today’s cars are swimming in a sea of electronic gadgetry (digital clocks, digital radios, alarm systems, remote start, cell phone sync, on-board computer, GPS, etc.), which must be on at all times, whether the vehicle is moving, stopped, or parked […]

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How to Safely Fix a Punctured Tire

How to Safely Fix a Punctured Tire* Fixing a Punctured Tire If your car experiences a flat tire (see picture) as a result of piercing, your course of action is dictated by your location at the time of the occurrence, the position of the punction (tread vs sidewall), the tool kit at your disposal, membership […]

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How to Buy your Dream Car | Part 1

  How to Buy Your Dream Car | Part 1* You wouldn’t spend time – your most valuable asset, money and energy to attend a college or university without investigating and inquiring about accreditation, reputation, rate of success and accomplishment of its alumni in your chosen major or field of expertise, would you? You wouldn’t […]

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