About Us

2015 Subaru WRX STI Racer 300 x 225

Welcome to ilovemyride.com

ilovemyride.com is a fun site for car lovers (autophiles). It is filled with cutting edge information to help you avoid the pitfalls of car ownership, and practical tips (fluff-free) to save you time and money.

2015 Subaru WRX STI Racer 400 x 300

Would you know where and how to locate a certified technician? If you been taken for a ride (pun intended), would you know when, where and how to get off? Where and how to file a complaint for mechanical wrongdoings?

All those questions and much more are answered on ilovemyride.com‘s Car Tips page.

Buying a car involves cash, credit, jobs, research, etc. Would you know how to address these complex issues?

The answers lie on the Money page.

In a nutshell, ilovemyride.coms objective is to make car ownership fun again.

If we succeed in sparing you automotive headaches (lofty goal!), saving you a bundle on your insurance (Defensive Driving Course: Who Needs It?), we’ve at least reached our goal.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back again. And again.

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