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DMV Links and Traffic Signs*

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We, at*, are of the belief and opinion that you need not be a rocket scientist, nor do you need a PhD in Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate a State or US Territories DMV.

Whether you are from Mars, Saturn, Neptune or planet Earth, the coordinates of a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) location should be right at your fingertips, you don’t have to scour the planet (my fellow aliens) to pinpoint the location of a DMV office, conduct business and go back to your planet (LOL!).

Which is why we painstakingly put together and assemble a list of DMVs with LINKS to each respective State or US Territory. All you have to do is click on the highlighted State or US Territories links in the table below, which will take you straight to the DMV of your choice to change your address, register your car, motorcycle or boat, obtain your driving record, renew your license, schedule a road test, pay a traffic ticket, download Driver’s Manuals, etc.

You may not need the services of a particular State or Territory DMV now, but just for the fun of it, or out of sheer curiosity, click on any State or Territory to see where it will take you.



































New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia





Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands

Washington DC


It’s been a while since you’ve earned your driving permit which, ultimately, resulted in the issuance of a license, with it, the freedom to move just about and around at will behind the wheel of a car.

Assuming you’ve been an excellent driver (no accidents, no moving violations, no tickets), that stellar driving record is due, in no small measures, to your adherence to the rules of the road and strict compliance with traffic laws- which is no small feat.

As time goes by, driving becomes second nature to you, and you begin to take for granted the very driving skills that manage to keep you out of harm’s way thus far.

Traffic Signs and their meanings, with the exception of the most obvious and self-explanatory ones (“Speed Limit 30”, “Do Not Enter”, “Yield”, “No Parking Anytime”, “No Standing Anytime”, “No Left Turn”, “Stop”, etc.), are the first casualties of your driving complacency.

If you were to be quizzed on most Traffic Signs, most of you would fail miserably. Traffic Signs are traffic rules cheat sheets and meant to:

  • Point motorists, cyclists (Bicycle Lanes), motorcyclists, animals (caught like a deer in a headlight? animals can’t read traffic signs!) and pedestrians (Cross/Do Not Cross Signs, Crosswalks, etc.) in the right directions,
  • Take you to your destination safely (provided you play by the rules),
  • Inform of road and traffic conditions, and
  • Keep everybody safe by posting and exhibiting speed limits to obey, wrong turns to avoid, detours to take, and other significant traffic signs to comply with.

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Failure to obey traffic laws and regulations (Traffic Signs and Rules of the Roads) will result in the traffic laws disobeying you.

What are the unpleasant consequences? Moving violations, court appearance(s) with or without counsel to defend against issued moving violation tickets, missed time from work (loss of income), insurance rate hike; accidents (ranging from minor fender benders to fatal or near fatal ones), lawsuits, medical treatments and rehabilitation, etc.- to name just a few of the distasteful side effects of reckless driving due to non-compliance with traffic laws and non-adherence to traffic rules.

To save a boatload of money on your insurance policy and become a better driver:

Please read: Defensive Driving Course: Who needs it?

To make your motorist life a little easier, and as a Traffic Signs refresher course (there will be a quiz, failed students will be referred the principal’s office for appropriate punishment- LOL!), we gather a non-exhaustive list of Traffic Signs, artistically displayed, to jog and refresh your memory about Traffic Signs and their meanings.

Bonus and positive side effect of that refresher course: bad drivers become good drivers; good motorists better motorists; better chauffeurs best chauffeurs. That’s an added benefit we all can live with.

Traffic Signs & DMV Links: Alabama-Missouri

Traffic Signs and DMV Links ALABAMA - MISSOURI

Traffic Signs & DMV Links: Montana-Wyoming

Traffic Signs & DMV Links MONTANA - WYOMING

 Traffic Signs & DMV Links: Guam-Washington

Traffic Signs & DMV Links GUAM - WASHINGTON DC

Stay up late to study the Traffic Signs Tables. A rewarding quiz is coming soon!

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